Monday, December 29, 2014

Back from hiatus+ frustration

I took a break from playing CFV. I got frustrated with the game a little bit and had some issues come up that made it hard for me to make it to go play and stay focused in the game.

I feel a bit annoyed at one area of the game particularly and that is:

Lack of promotion. I called a card shop to ask them if they sold CFV products. They said no, no one bought them so the stopped selling them. I told the gentleman on the phone that I have several friends in the area that play so I did not understand why they would not sell and they should host some CFV tourneys to drum up interest. (A card shop one city South of them were selling CFV just fine) He said they had some tournaments for CFV in the past and no one showed. Had I known this, I would probably have been there each week. I never saw anything on bushiroad's website about this nor on their own website. This shop had Magic and Pokemon game nights listed, why they did not include CFV beats me. I know today facebook is the place that all the "kewl kids" hang out these days but the first place people look is on the official bushiroad tournament site. How can I support the game/local shops if people don't communicate/promote. It irks me because it is a lose/lose situation since I cannot support shops and events I don't know exist.

Now the reason this is so important is the fact that the closest cardshop is 4 bus transfers away. Grand total that is 8 bus transfers and 4 hours to ride to the shop and back home after it is done. Yuck.

Even when I went to Seattle 2013 regionals there were no signs, no banners, nothing. The venue was the Redmond Mariott, which is in a mall called Redmond Town Center. There are 2 stores which carry gaming cards and an anime shop that could also profit from being aware of the tourney. I asked all three of these shops that day if they were aware of this event and all of them were completely oblivious. Such wasted opportunity.

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