Thursday, May 15, 2014

Random update-Look what I got in the mail!

A craptastic webcam pic before I tore it open because I was super exited!

Most of you already know what cards it contains but in case you didn't

Now my personal favorite card in this deck is Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom. I like it because its a solid 11K and it is versatile. He can fit into almost any shadow paladin build and can be used as a searcher. I think using his limitbreak for a combo with Dictator and using his skill to call out and swarm makes him a great card.

I have mixed feelings about Blaster Dark Revenger (BDR) I'm not saying he is a bad card, he is useful. The only thing that bugs me about him is that the vanguard has to be a revenger. I kind of wish his skill was more like blaster blade or berserk dragon. I am not really a fan of restrictions so I usually stay away from cards that are fairly themed. I recognize restrictions as a necessary evil they are sometimes fair and other times stifle creativity. Blaster Dark has a ride chain to search him to the VG however, BDR doesn't. It boils down to consistency VS versatility on a card VS card basis and what fits into your play style. The bottom line is truly your deck build.

I think one of the most underrated cards in this trial deck is Venomous Breath Dragon. His limitbreak is slow and there are better cards to be placed in the VG circle. I have noticed him working well as an RG where my opponent has a 11K vangaurd. Though that can still be iffy since clogging the field with no intercepts can end your game.

Over all I think this was a pretty good release. I feel like it is missing something though. Other than BDR the grade 2 units stuck me as meh. Obviously it is a trial deck so it is going to need an overhaul before I can play it more than causally. What trial/starter deck doesn't come with random crap cards right? I will say that it has some pretty nice artwork. Transient Revenger Masquerade, Freezing Revenger and Venomous Breath Dragon to name a few with really nice art. BDR goes without saying.

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