Thursday, September 19, 2013

All set for Seattle Regionals!

I finished my deck and have everything ready for Sunday's event. Shiny new sleeves and my deck register sheet all filled out. I am very exited because this will be my very first Regional event of any kind. At first I was nervous about registering but I figured I would go ahead and give it a try. (Claustrophobia + crowds = a personal challenge for me) I decided that it wasn't worth it to give up on having fun because I am a bit afraid of being in a closed in space with many people I don't know. I am going to do my best and focus on having a good time. I don't think I will get very far in the tourney but you never know so I am going to give this my very best.

As for what deck I am running I will be running Kagero (I refer to this as Kagz). They are my favorite deck at the moment.

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