Friday, September 27, 2013

My experiance at Seattle regionals

To set the stage this event was held at the Redmond Mariott which is near Seattle. I like that the event was not in the city because parking in Seattle is terrible. Also the location was near 2 card shops so that helps publicity. The ballroom was large enough to contain 114 players who attended while still having enough space to not feel overly crowded. It was a very fun event and I can't wait till next time!

First round-
First round I go against Oracle think tank. This match is sort of a blur to me because I was a bit overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Lots of noise and excitement. Near the end of the match I have Lawkeeper on VG, Dual axe on RG and Nehalem on the other RG. We are both tied at 5 damage so I use Lawkeeper's counterblast to get Dual axe's effect off. I attack with Lawkeeper and get a crit and my opponent was unable to stop the attack. 1-0

Second round-
I got paired with a Gold paladins player. He set up his field very quickly and kept taking out my RG's before I could really launch an attack of my own. I finally get a somewhat decent field set up when he hit me with Spectral Duke for game. Oh well. 1-1

Third round-
Kagero VS Kagero mirror match. I get a hand with no grade 1's even after my mulligan. (Should have swapped out my whole hand, lesson learned) I take a beating and once I am able to ride Gojo I cycle so I can get some better boosting units. I am put in a position where I had to keep guarding and intercepting to stay alive and eventually ran out of shields. 1-2

So that ended my chances of staying in the tourney. I can't complain because I had a good time and losing did teach me some things about what worked well in my deck and what did not. Then I went off to free play where I was able to have a blast meeting other players and playing against different decks. I faced, Gold Paladins, Aqua force, Kagero, Pale moon, Prisim and Narukami.

Here are my Promos. I have Graphite Dragon, Shield Knight on the Clouds and Creeping Dark Goat.

Also a shiny box!

The good:
- Getting to meet and hang out with others who play CFV
- Parking in Redmond is so much better than in the City of Seattle
- Promos were decent (Creeping dark goat yay!)
- Everyone was friendly
- We had vendors that sold singles (I got some cards for my next deck)
- Free Play with chances to earn promos in both CFV and weiss schwarz

The bad:
- Losing in the 3rd round
- Matches were best of one so luck was too big a factor
- Not very much signage (If the Mariott had put a sign that stated there was an event today it would have made things easier and if someone from the card shops in the mall saw a sign for CFV they might get curious and learn about the game)


  1. Congrats on making the 3rd round! Now use that as motivation to win it all next year! I wish there was a regional in my area!

    1. I will do my very best! Where are you that there are no regional?
      (I can spell correctly this time I promise)

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