Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Thoughts on the restriction of Conroe

I am going to refer to the current banned cards as restricted. You can still use up to 4 of them but their use is restricted so I hardly consider this a "ban".

First of all we all know what Lizard Soldier, Conroe does. Just for sanity's sake lets take a look:

According to bushiroad the reason for this ban is it is overused. They do not mention it being unfair or game breaking.
"The restriction was made based on the observations from the recent “Cardfight!! Vanguard Team League 2014”. We have identified that “Lizard Soldier, Conroe” to be widely used among Kagero players during the tournament and recognized the influences that it may cause to the tournament environment in the future. Therefore, the above mentioned restriction will be implemented."

I find a few problems with this logic. Many cards are widely used among players. Most every deck has 8k boosters and perfect guards. Players who want to win use the best cards as possible to win. Of course this will determine some staples. The problem is when that card gives an unfair advantage. I don't see anyone having issues with Conroe being particularly game breaking. Most people use him to search for Bahr or a perfect guard (which again, are widely used among all players, yet are not banned) So where is the unfair advantage in that? I fail to see it. Perhaps it is "unfair" that not all clans get to have an easy search.

Lets take a look at a card that is not banned:

Now this card has the exact same effect as Conroe, but is for Spike Brothers. It is even the same in terms of power and grade. The real reason that this one is not banned and Conroe is, is because Kagero is more dominant. We all know dauntless/DOTE and Dragonic Nouvelle Vague have been some of the most powerful decks in the game. We have not seen this kind of power from Spike Brothers. If we did, this card would be banned. What should be restricted is the powerful cards themselves rather than the cards that make the game enjoyable and consistent. I personally think every clan should have cards like Conroe and Trainer. I feel it would make games go a little more smoothly and help the game be a little less luck based and fair for every player.

I would like to hear your opinion on this topic in the comments below!

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