Saturday, September 21, 2013

Good things come to those who wait- Why you might want to wait on purchasing perfect gaurds

If you are low on cash then you might just want to wait till newer sets come along.

As you can see there is one card in English that is a perfect guard for Kagero decks. This specific card is roughly 15-20$. So for a full set you are looking at 80$ which might be more than you wish to spend.

This yet to be released card from BT11 is called Sealed Dragon Rinocross. (BT11 should be out in October 2013) It does the same thing as Barri. When this gets released it will essentially be a reprint of Barri and should lower the cost. I know this for a fact because for Gold Paladins two perfect guards have been released. The current price of each is roughly 8$ as opposed to the 15-20$ that Wyvern Gaurd, Barri costs.
(Ebay, Troll and toad and Amazon were my sources for prices)

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