Thursday, February 20, 2014

Changes I would like to see

The first change I would like to see is that tourneys are match format. A skilled player does not deserve to be out of the runnings because they got grade locked or luck sacked. Also I think that a single game makes it easier for players to cheat by stacking and not get caught. It is just not fair to players any way you look at it.

I would like pack and trial deck prices to go down. At most of my local game stores its 19.99 for a deck and 3.99 for a pack. Which I think is too much in comparison to other TCG's. 50 cards for 20$ after tax isn't a good deal nor is 5 cards for almost 4 bucks. I think 10-12 dollars for a trial deck would be fair and either making the amount of cards in boosters 10 or cutting the cost down to 2.00 would be fair. I know that online there are packs available for this much, however shipping usually brings the price up. I think the cost is what is really holding vanguard back from being as popular as other TGC's. More people opt for card singles because it is cheaper and less of a hassle which means less profit for Bushiroad and less chance of major retailers selling CFV packs. Not to mention with more people buying singles online local game stores (tournament venues) suffer.

Less clan restrictions. I feel clan restrictions are a necessary evil sometimes but they can really stifle the creativity of the game. The reason I enjoy this game so much is because my deck is my creation. It is my idea, my strategy and it is one of a kind. Though clan restrictions can prevent broken combos from spoiling the balance of the game. When all decks are carbon copies I feel bored playing them. When I play someone who has a unique deck I have a blast because it is a new challenge. Its way more fun than playing something cookie cutter. I think that perhaps as the game grows and more cards are introduced this will be less of a problem as long as things are not too strictly themed or made for ride chain decks. I would like it if there were cards that worked for a nation rather than just a clan. Perhaps ambassador cards that counted as all clans in their respective nations, like a United Sanctuary card that was considered Royals, Golds, Shadows ect could be a good idea. I also want to see more cards that can just sort of fit into several builds so we have more cards to choose from within our clans.

I would also like it if there were more locals. I think this is the part were we the players must take action and invite our friends to promote the game. Of course we should support our local game store or tournament venue. What I have done is played games in public to drum up interest. Usually a local game store, comic shop or even a coffee place is a good place to do this. Also when others ask about the game invite them to join in and teach them. Welcome them to the game and share the fun. Maybe even give them some spare cards to get them started. After all the best things about the game are playing different strategies, playing different events, making new friends and having a lot of fun.

Thoughts? Post 'em in the comments below.

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