Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whats up with me

There haven't really been a lot of posts from me because I have been pretty ill for the last few months. I will be just fine when it is all over so no worries. For now I feel pretty crappy though. I have been out of the meta for quite some time. I am far too dizzy and sick to go and visit friends or play in shops. Honestly I have been home since mid October and its has not been fun.

One happy vanguard related thing was I ordered myself a perfect guard for the holidays. When I got the envelope I opened it and vivid rabbit was inside. I was kinda annoyed for a second thinking great now I am gonna have to swap this out and then I realized that the sleeve contained my Barri and 2 vivid rabbits. Put a smile on my face with all the crappy things that have been going on.

I'm exited for next month's release :

When I get it I will be reviewing it. I admit the main reason I am getting it is for the artwork. Shadow Paladins have some of the best artwork. Normally I prefer to only keep cards I know I will put in a deck and trade/sell the rest. Probably because I am a poor college student. Though I most likely will be using a few of these cards for deck building.

Anyways till then I will probably not be very active. I may post some funny light hearted posts like my last entry. It keeps me in a positive mood which I really need right now. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do writing them.

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