Friday, September 20, 2013

Stealing sucks-How to keep your stuff safe

Theft isn't something that happens often but when it happens it is a bummer. Chances are if you go to a large event with hundreds of players, maybe even thousands one person might try to take someone's cards. I can only remember a few instances of theft in my TGC playing career. The first was at school we were allowed to bring cards or other items to use in between classes. One boy kept leaving his binder on the table and go to class without anyone of his friends to look after it. The binder eventually was taken. The other was a guy who kept using "control" cards to use his opponent's cards and then keep them.

-Some common ways thieves take your cards are-

Taking things when you are not looking

Using "control" cards (these are cards that allow you to use your opponent's cards like change of heart for Yugioh players)

While you are distracted ask to "See" something and wander off with it

How I personally combat theft is fairly easy to do. The first step I take is knowing where my items are and keep them in my bag and in my sight at all times. Also, keeping tradeable cards inside a binder in your bag you are making it harder for a thief to just grab. When it comes to playing and trading I only trade with one person at a time and not while playing a game. I often sit my bag between my feet because if someone reaches their hand between my legs, I will know. I think most people are good people and don't steal because they intend to. I think that gamers- usually young men are at an age where we are still impulsive and may make mistakes. Therefore most would be thieves are deterred by these measures since they are most likely not determined to take your stuff.

If I go to a convention or a large scale event with many people I use luggage locks on my backpack. They only cost a few bucks at the hardware store if you don't have one at home already.

Something like this.

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