Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How to better your game- Mentally

Often times when playing we don't do so well. Sometimes you win and sometimes you just get stomped on. These are some things I learned personally or have observed by others. Its going to be a long post so lets get right to it!

I would like to know what you do to improve your game so please post a comment!

Always do your best!-
Yeah, I know it sounds cliche. If you don't put any effort forward then you can't really expect to gain much knowledge.

Don't be cocky-
Okay, story time. I end up going to a mall to wait for one of my friends. I noticed some guys hanging out and playing vanguard. Only one of them was not busy with a match so I asked him if he would like to play a game. He laughs at me and says that I won't win. I brush it off as a ribbing. His friends also chime in about how I am about to lose. I say to him to just let the match play out before the winner is decided. First game I get out Overlord and attack him for game. He gets kind of annoyed and asks for another game. I say sure. This time he gets grade locked and I get out my Lawkeeper and shut him down. Third game was basically the same. He ends up getting all pissed off and walks away in a huff. It is better to let go of the ego and learn what you can from others even if you think your game is ahead of theirs. They might know something you overlooked.

Accept the fact that you will lose-
Its not very much fun. Winning feels a lot better. Not playing someone you know is skilled or setting yourself up for defeat will screw you over in the end. Just get out there and challenge yourself.

Learn from your losses-
Likely you are going to be frustrated after a string of losses. Instead of getting down on yourself or angry think about why you lost. Were you not drawing what you needed? Is the deck too slow? Did you make any misplays? Think about what you can do better next time and try that. Keep using trial and error and you will learn so much about the game, your deck and your opponents.

Understand probability-
Cards = options. Options win games. If you know what units you want to get out use cards that will help you get to them faster. Cards that help you draw and search will help you win. If you have a card that is essential to your strategy, run as many as you can, yet keep things balanced. Sure 16 crits will deal a high amount but reducing that so you can fit in 4 heals will help you last longer in the game. Also cards that your deck centers around should be ran in a high number, usually 3 or 4 to be consistent. Make every card count, each one should have a reason to be there, not just a placeholder or "because it looks cool".

Learn from others-
Play many different people, challenge people who might know more or play at a higher level than you. Have a friend look over your deck and see what they think. Watch others play. Also ask if you don't know, others are usually willing to help.

That was a lot of reading. Congrats to you!

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